Vacationing in Tampa - Gina

>> Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today (and yesterday as well), we are in Tampa with my husband on his business trip. The boys and I wake up and enjoy a huge breakfast in the lobby. Then we change and stay in the pool until lunch. We come back to the room where I make sandwiches (or leftovers from dinner the night before). We have puddings, applesauce, oranges, chips and it is a variable feast. Then we nap for hours. Get a shower and get ready for our evening with Daddy. It is so relaxing and fun. I wish we had a couple more days before we have to leave. But sadly this is our last full day. Tomorrow, it is breakfast and then driving home all day.

For lunch, I had half of a Bacon Chicken sandwich from last night, chips, and pudding. I forgot to get a cup of oranges for myself. Maybe I will have a snack later. Mmmmmm.


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