Fruits and Grains

>> Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Work has been crazy busy, making me work and eat at the same time so today I ate a banana and a peanut butter oatmeal bar.  It did the job though and I was able to keep working right through until 4:00!

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omg the best lunch

>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

there was this place in our neighborhood called maggie mudds that made dairy-free ice cream. I am a lactard -- I get all gassy when I have lactose -- so finding this gem was like finding nirvana. When the extended family came to town, we'd always go there. THe kids always had ice cream cakes for their birthdays. My sister and I would text each other if we saw mint chocolate chip on the menu, and/or buy an extra pint, knowing how precious it was. Welp. Last year they vanished, a victim of this craptastic economy. When I walked by and found it empty and closed, I wailed aloud; on the window, someone had scrawled "WHY?" It was sad and awful.

Then, today, I was walking past after an extremely arduous uphill climb with the double stroller. "I want to go to an eating store," my daughter told me. "I want to go to that one." She pointed at the former Maggie Mudd's, which was ... open! I popped my head in. Four Asian women were making amazing-looking sandwiches. We're low on cash, but not THAT low -- I ordered up a shrimp-balls hero (heh heh) and a pulled-brisket sandwich. The girls picked them apart and ate what they wanted -- two shrimp balls and a whole lot of bread -- and I ATE THE REST. And it was AWESOME. Then my husband came in and surprised us! And we went out for frozen yogurt, because the active cultures somehow protect me from the gassiness? I dunno. So, I miss you, Maggie Mudd, but welcome, as-yet-unnamed sandwich place on cortland street!


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