leftover night, October 2

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last week we got takeout Indian food one night.   One of the things we got was sort of a steamed plain bread, which is good, because that's what the kids ate.  L also ate a sort of Indian-cheese-filled pastry dumpling sort of appetizer, too. Everything else was SPICY.   So spicy that, when I found the leftovers today in the fridge, along with more brown rice from yesterday ,I decided to turn them into dinner by mixing some leftover cooked kale, some carrots, and a LOT of yogurt into the spiced chickpea dish we hadn't been able to finish the first time, and then served it over brown rice.   We had a few of those little pastry dumpling things and some Indian bread left, and I made us a cucumber and yogurt salad without any spices.  The doctored version - good, but still spicy enough to require a beer!

K  had a plate with brown rice, a leftover breaded chicken piece, and some plain cucumbers. L ate some
leftover cauliflower, some rice, one of the cheese dumplings and a few bits of chicken.


Monday, October 1

>> Monday, October 1, 2012

I didn't get my act together to eat lunch from inside our fridge, and then I tempted my husband (who works from our home office most of the time) to come to the really yummy Tibetan buffet and pick up his library book on the way.  And then the really yummy Tibetan restaurant turned out to be closed on Mondays.

We ate at the Amsterdam Falafel Shop across the street - where they have the option of a bowl with as many pieces of falafel as you want and then all the interesting vegetarian salad and topping options you want, sold by weight, or a small or large pita with a set number of falafel pieces *more for the large one) and then all the topics you can fit inside the pita.   The bowl is less messy and lets you have more toppings without mixing up too many weird flavors in the same bite, and a reasonable amount of toppings costs about the same amount as the one served  in the pita.    So that's what I got.   K was at school, and L ate some falafel and devoured a bunch of pink-colored pickled turnips.  And then we noticed that they a set of squirt bottles of different sauces - they put some tahini and some garlic cream sauce next to the ordering station, but over by the tables you could get many other kinds.  Including something called "curry ketchup."  We had to go back an order some fries to fully appreciate the curry ketchup, and L of course devoured many of those too - quite happily dipping in the curry ketchup.  (His big sister will occasionally eat regular ketchup on fries,
but generally is not a sauce fan and that and mac and cheese are about the only sauces she will consider.)

My hope is that if we eat there sometime with Ms K as well, she will eat some plain falafel in a bowl for protein.  She does like vegetables, but all of their salads have "interesting" flavors, and she usually just eats plain lettuce, or plain cucumbers, or plain steamed broccoli, etc.  I would like to have them be an option for all of us, though, since they are a good nearby cheap fast option for dinner.  If she doesn't like the falafel, then I guess we'll have learned for next time and she'll eat fries for dinner, with a side of ketchup-as-a-vegetable....


Lentilly leftovers

I made this thing from the Bittman app a couple nights ago -- lentils with rice and onions, pretty simple. I mixed in some leftover chicken and topped it with yogurt. ET VOILA. pretty good lunch. It's the happiest meal of the day, you know.


Meal Plans at Abbe's house

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I like to improvise in the kitchen and I like to eat what I'm in the mood for on a certain day, not what my calendar says I was supposed to cook.  So I am not drawn to the "plan out the menu for the week" sort of meal planning.

But this weekend began with a potluck camping trip and the Jewish New Year so I started making a little bit of a plan before I hit the supermarket - combined with what we had in our farmshare box (which I love because it forces me to improvise!) I had a plan that sort of fits my more haphazard style, jotted down on the fridge whiteboard.  7 things I wanted to cook, done on different days and mixed and matched:

1) panzanella salad - this is an addictive salad we make a few times when we have tasty summer tomatoes!  Bread, tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives, some other vegetable such as zucchini or bell peppers, oil, vinegar, and basil. The kids don't eat it. That's okay.  We brought it to the potluck, the kids ate hamburgers and pulled pork, and it was fine.

2) roasted chicken for Rosh Hashana dinner.
My older child eats the drumsticks and the mini drumsticks.  My younger child is still in toddler eating mode - he eats all carbs one day, all protein the next, all fruit the next.. don't understand it, but it adds up to a balanced diet, we hope.  Some days he eats the chicken, anyway.  Not this one.

3) matzo ball soup for Rosh Hashana dinner.
Both kids devour this. Matzo balls are a sort of fluffy dumplings that go in chicken soup.  I am cool and cheap enough that I have actually gotten into the groove of making and freezing soup - whenever I roast a chicken, I freeze the back and scraps so I can make chicken soup later, whenever I have celery I cut off the tops for chicken soup as well, and then probably every ~2 months or so I combine celery, chicken parts, and carrots and boil for a while into chicken soup that I freeze later.

4) rice made with the chicken drippings for Rosh Hashana dinner.  This was originally going to be a recipe for rice pilaf, but instead I just put the rice in the rice cooker and when it was done, I heated it up with onions I sauteed in the chicken drippings . The brown rice maybe makes up a bit for the amount of bad stuff in the chicken drippings?   Toddler eats the good kind, grownups eat the good kind, first grader eats the plain rice and I don't mix in the extras into hers.

5) Roasted Eggplant - I haven't made it yet, but I've got the eggplants in the fridge.  Probably only the adults will eat them.

6) Beet Tzatziki - I got beets and dill in the farmshare, and made this recipe that I love - inspired by middle eastern cucumber tzatziki, but with beets - a sort of salad with beets, garlic, lemon, dill, and yogurt.  The kids ate some cooked beets I did not shred, and some yogurt - the younger one tried the whole thing but did not approve.

7) plum dumplings - these are a dessert or a dinner or breakfast treat - a dough made with potatoes, flour, and eggs wrapped around little oval "prune" plums - which our supermarket has in the early fall each year, and which are the kind my husband grew up with.  I will make a whole batch and freeze them with the uncooked batter wrapped around the plums - both the recipe and the freezing technique come from my mother in law.  Then I boil them to cook the dough, and roll the cooked dumplings in butter, bread crumbs and sugar.  This is dinner sometimes sort of the way pancakes and maple syrup are dinner sometimes.  The kids eat them too.

I bought more chicken and made more soup than we needed, because my mom and her boyfriend were supposed to come over but then I got sick.  So all of this leaves us with a lot of mix and match leftovers in the fridge to use for different meals as the week goes on - though I've also got some more stuff on my to-do list to cook, and some more vegetables in the fridge to add in for side dishes etc.

Beet tzatziki and a package of hummus and a package of pita was dinner last night; lunch the day after the Rosh Hashana dinner was more chicken, more rice, more soup and tomato salad; lunch today for me was a sandwich with chicken and onion and bbq sauce and cheese, and we still have a bunch of these things to choose from for dinners the next few days.


Meal Plan Monday- at Lisa's House

>> Monday, September 10, 2012

I sat down this weekend with a new to me cookbook and pulled out four new to me recipes. I tend to pick out 4 meals that are for sure and then the other 3 days fall back on basics like eggs or easy sandwiches or leftovers, so my menu plan is only for four nights.  I also don't decide which meal is for which might until I go to cook, and see how my day went.

Here's the four things we are going to try this week, all of them are from the cookbook A Flash in the Pan: Fast, Fabulous Recipes in a Single Skillet.

Chicken with sweet peppers and balsamic vinegar (p. 18) with noodles.
Red Curry chicken saute with coconut and lime (p.27) with Jasmine rice.
Salt and Pepper Cube steaks with smoky red onion (p.71) with mashed potatoes.
Tunisian eggplant and chickpea ragout (p. 150) with couscous, I think.

I'd love to see how you plan your meals for the week, if you do. Don't worry about it being on Monday or fully fleshed out, just let me know what you're thinking about making.


Changes afoot at the What's for Lunch Blog

>> Sunday, September 9, 2012

After a recent discussion of this blog and lunch and our kids, one of the other contributors and I have decided that we need to shake things up a bit here on the Lunch blog. We both love to read about other people's food and miss the participation here.  We did a little brainstorming and came up with some ideas for posts that we'd love to see.

  • What you ate for lunch today!
  • Your weekly menu plan, if you have one. (Mine is posting tomorrow to get us going.)
  • Cookbook reviews
  • How you organize your recipes so that you don't forget that really awesome stew you made last winter.
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Inventive ways to get picky eaters to eat
  • "What do I do with" ingredient X. For example, I have a cup of leftover coconut milk, what should I make? (don't answer that here.)
  • Anything else food related.
As a parent, I'm particularly interested in how you get kids to eat new things, but if you post about your little angel who eats mushroom foam and sushi and begs for  lentils instead of mac and cheese, I might ban you. (Ok, kidding, but don't be a show off.)

What do you think?


My husband's awesome

>> Monday, May 14, 2012

I just got a text: "Quietly open office door and look down." This is what I saw. SUCK IT, EVERYONE WHO'S NOT ME!!!



>> Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Hispanic families at Highland always prepare and host a traditional meal for all staff.  It was delicious!  there were many different sauces, lots of cilantro, homemade refried beans, gorditos, soupa, burritos, tostados, ensaladas, and two different kinds of tamales.

I couldn't try everything but I did make a vegetarian plate of nachos with the refried beans, lettuce, and guacomole.  One of the sauces with cilantro was spicy and delicious!

~michelle @ peaceful reader



>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I ate a bowl of brown rice today for lunch.  It was the only thing I could grab quickly out of the refrigerator.
It was good and I chewed slowly but I'd like a piece of chocolate now.  If I had one, but I don't.

~peaceful reader



>> Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I always manage to plan meals for dinner, but rarely have enough leftovers for myself for lunch. Aaron takes some (better than paying for takeout every day), but I'm usually left searching the fridge. Today was hummus and carrots. Not fulling and really boring, but that's what there was! Time to go grocery shopping...



>> Friday, March 2, 2012

10 jelly beans + one banana  = lunch

~peaceful reader


Working At The Preschool Lunch

>> Friday, February 24, 2012

Lunch today was just sad. I was working my co-op shift, with both kids (the 3 year old who attends the co-op and the 18 month old who rides along). My older daughter pulled her pink lunchbox from her cubby and we pulled out everything I had put in there: 2 sun-butter-and-honey sandwiches, 2 lemon yogurts, 1 Odwalla snack bar that I thought would be sufficiently gross that neither kid would want it, and some crackers, which for some reason are like cigarettes in jail for these kids. I ate bites of everything in between referee-ing their manic lunch eating, which involved dancing, growling like baby lions, and flinging yogurt hither and yon. And they BOTH wanted the gross snack bar. By the end of it I actually had yogurt in my hair. And somehow managed to NOT make the salty jokes on that subject that I was tempted to make. Appropriate for once!!!!


homemade hummus sandwich

>> Thursday, February 23, 2012

i made hummus for a work assignment, mixed in some za'atar seasoning, and it made a faboo sandwich. the girls had tortellini, two helpings. yay


Fruits and Grains

>> Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Work has been crazy busy, making me work and eat at the same time so today I ate a banana and a peanut butter oatmeal bar.  It did the job though and I was able to keep working right through until 4:00!

~peaceful reader


omg the best lunch

>> Tuesday, February 14, 2012

there was this place in our neighborhood called maggie mudds that made dairy-free ice cream. I am a lactard -- I get all gassy when I have lactose -- so finding this gem was like finding nirvana. When the extended family came to town, we'd always go there. THe kids always had ice cream cakes for their birthdays. My sister and I would text each other if we saw mint chocolate chip on the menu, and/or buy an extra pint, knowing how precious it was. Welp. Last year they vanished, a victim of this craptastic economy. When I walked by and found it empty and closed, I wailed aloud; on the window, someone had scrawled "WHY?" It was sad and awful.

Then, today, I was walking past after an extremely arduous uphill climb with the double stroller. "I want to go to an eating store," my daughter told me. "I want to go to that one." She pointed at the former Maggie Mudd's, which was ... open! I popped my head in. Four Asian women were making amazing-looking sandwiches. We're low on cash, but not THAT low -- I ordered up a shrimp-balls hero (heh heh) and a pulled-brisket sandwich. The girls picked them apart and ate what they wanted -- two shrimp balls and a whole lot of bread -- and I ATE THE REST. And it was AWESOME. Then my husband came in and surprised us! And we went out for frozen yogurt, because the active cultures somehow protect me from the gassiness? I dunno. So, I miss you, Maggie Mudd, but welcome, as-yet-unnamed sandwich place on cortland street!


Vegetable masala burgers

>> Friday, February 3, 2012

I wish I could say I'm creative enough to just whip these up myself, by my friends at Trader Joe's have these delicious frozen burgers that I love. Lots of curry and spices with big chunks of vegetables. One of those with spinach on a sandwich thin, with an apple and cupcake. Good enough for a Friday!


Minimalist Lunch

>> Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today I cleaned out my lunch cupboard because I forgot to pack something.  I had the last 10 gluten-free crackers in the box and  about 5 dates from a box a friend brought me from Colorado.  It was book club day at lunch in the library and the students were like, "that's your lunch?"  Yes.     

Michelle @ Peaceful Reader


Tuesday, tomato-mozzarella-pesto sandwiches

>> Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I froze a bunch of ice cubes of pesto, um, a year and a half ago. But it still tastes good! Our freezer is extra cold.

We had enough of a long baguette left that I could cut it into sandwiches (the long way, like a sub), and we had both mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes, so I spread the pesto on the bread (adding some olive oil, too), sliced the tomatoes and cheese up, and layered them on top. (Actually, b sliced them up and finished sticking them in the toaster, because in the middle of this L woke up from his nap and the dishwasher fooled me into thinking he'd gone back to sleep... so after 5 minutes of crying he was too clingy to let me finish making the lunch.) We ate the sandwich open faced.

L, once he calmed down enough to go in the high chair, ate some tomatoes and cheese, some leftover rutabaga, and some leftover pork chop, and actually drank some milk.


Turkey sandwich with cranberry-horseradish relish

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

It's hard to get the girls to eat anything but mac and cheese. One old reliable staple is turkey or chicken lunchmeat, so today I busted some out and handed it to their dad, who is home today and every day till a new job shows up. Anyway, I had an hour to do some work, so I slapped some on a sandwich with this really great relish my stepkids gave me for hanukkah, and I disappeared into the office to inhale it. Also iced herbal tea and Zoloft.


Leftovers and Ants

I had two small leftover minute steaks, so we had those (split 4 ways), leftover baked beans, and Ants on a Log. The kids ALL ate the ants on a log (H left the celery), and the meat. LE liked the beans.


bagels and cream cheese saturday

>> Saturday, January 28, 2012

We went out to breakfast and then didn't get around to eating lunch until almost 3. Huge breakfast, so lunch was bagels with cream cheese for the adults and baby, and half a bagel with butter for the kindergartener. Have not posted for a bit, trying not to let boring lunches stop me.


Better late than never...

>> Friday, January 20, 2012

Even though it's almost 3, I'm just finally sitting down to eat. Garbanzo bean soup and a thrown together salad is for eating today. This soup is like hot, delicious hummus and I absolutely love it...perfect for this freezing day!


Easy peanut noodles

>> Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've been wanting to try to make peanut noodles at home, despite never having seen them at a restaurant. I read a bunch of recipes and then decided simple was better. I made a sauce with chunky peanut butter, soy sauce, a dash of ginger and cayenne, a splash of cider vinegar (would rather have had lemon juice) and water to thin it. I mixed it with spaghetti noodles. All three kids scarfed it down, and ignored the chicken nuggets I made with it. Definitely doing this again, next time with a little meat and green onions.


Boring, again. Tuesday.

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today was clean out the fridge day for me- I had the last of the lettuce with cheese, bacon bits, carrots, and garbanzo beans with a little oil and vingear on them. With the ever present Ranch dressing.

The kids have chicken nuggets, pasta and a tiny spoon of garbanzo beans, of which they ate none.


After a long hiatus - think years - my lunches haven't changed much.

I am still eating the Jolly Green Giant Vegetable Medley for lunch and today added an apple. Not very creative, but tasty.


Monday, Oasis buffet

On our way to the highway there is a Brazilian restaurant with a heaping buffet where you get stuff, weigh your plate, and pay by weight. (Occasionally their scale is way off in our favor, too - but I think it all averages out in the end.)

It was MLK day and there was no school and no work, we were doing errands, and to get a move on we decided to stop there instead of having lunch at home. It's quick, there is stuff each kid likes, and when you are starving everyone winds up eating before they can have too much of a tantrum. And it's tasty and inexpensive for restaurant food. K always eats Brazilian-BBQ-cooked steak and french fries and some fruit, I had a few stewy things from the hot part of the buffet and some salad, L ate everything in sight, and b had a smattering of a bunch of stuff and some grilled meats too.


Green Monster

>> Monday, January 16, 2012

We had a very long night with E. last night, so lunch was kinda breakfast too. I had a "green monster, " which is much more appetizing than it sounds. Spinach, almond milk, flax seed, peanut butter, and a banana all run through the blender. Deliciously green and filling!


Fish cakes, rice and peas

>> Sunday, January 15, 2012

The fish cakes were a leftover invention - some polenta from yesterday's dinner, some already cooked fish scraps that came off the spine after making fish broth, an egg, salt+spices, and some flour, shallow-fried. One fish cake disappeared from the high chair and we looked all over for how L had managed to toss it into his seat or onto the ground.. but in fact, he had devoured it and got a second one.

Rice was going in the rice cooker and I added peas and a splash of wine partway through. Then I had to serve rice with peas carefully removed to K, who had her peas separately straight out of the freezer bag. But she did eat the fish cakes, insisting they were actually made of meat.


Leftovers for me!

>> Thursday, January 12, 2012

I had leftover shells stuffed with broccoli and ricotta. It's one of the freezer meals I put together before E. was born and it was pretty tasty for having sat in the freezer for a couple of months. I also had an extra 5 minutes, so I threw together a small spinach salad. Spinach, red onion, cucumber, and feta with a olive oil vinaigrette. The baby weight is going to come off, I'm determined!


Leftovers, Lisa

Today the kids and I had leftovers. We had potatoes and carrots, fried (sauteed?) in a bit of cooking spray, and leftover pork roast chopped up as bbq. We also have a couple Cuties. I ate all of mine, The Bug and Bo Peep ate the pork and the cuties (the Bug also picked out and ate his carrots), and the Princess ate the Cuties.


Thursday Lunch

To drop the couple of pounds I gained over Christmas-curses to all those yummy treats I enjoyed, like the homemade toffee my friend Barb sent me, I've vowed to eat a light lunch.  Today it was three juicy clementines. 

~michelle @ peaceful reader


Leftover jumbalaya

>> Monday, January 9, 2012

I had leftovers. The kids had leftovers with a bagel and fresh pineapple. The Bug ate some of each. The Princess ate her bagel. Bo Peep wouldn't eat any of it.


Cold Vietnamese Noodles with Beef

If I drop Randy at work in the morning, I get an extra half hour in the office to myself. Totally worth it, plus it cuts an hour off his commute. My friend Cindy works right near him, so I alerted her to my arrival in her vicinity and asked her to pick a place that was cheap and kid-friendly. She picked a noodle shop near the train tracks, and oh my GOD it was good. She got spicy kimchee with seafood over fried rice, which I stuck my fork in repeatedly. Abby was happy to share my noodles, but wouldn't go near the beef. The big hit was the honeydew milk-tea with pearls, of course. Om nom NOM.


I'm so excited to be invited/I invited myself to the party!

>> Sunday, January 8, 2012

I love lunch and today I'm happy to say I had leftovers; three small square pieces of Perry's Plate Zucchini Pizza.  I made it last night and my husband and I couldn't finish it all.  He kind of likes regular pizza but he humors me with my fancy pizza.  He did admit that the garlic oil on the crust was what made it so delicious.

I used the second dough to make a kid-friendly pizza with red sauce and a little bit of freshly grated mozzarella on top.  The kids ate all their pizza-it helped that Groovy Girl had two friends over but Teenage Boy ended up having to eat a "second" dinner of Amy's mac and cheese.

I love leftovers!

~michelle @ peaceful reader


Bacon And Jam Sandwich

Randy fried up some turkey bacon and asked me if I'd like it on a sandwich while I worked. I said yeah, and he hesitantly asked "do you want something ... something sweet on it?" This grosses him out, but he knows salty plus sweet is my FAVE. "Yes, put cream cheese jam on it," I told him. "The cranberry-horseradish jam." He sighed, but made a hell of a sandwich. Om nom nom.


January 8, Lisa, Jambalaya

Today Mike made a big pot of jambalaya (or, South Dakota Style jambalaya)- Chicken, sausage, rice, bell peppers, onions, okra. Very yummy and not too spicy for everyone.


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