Vegetable masala burgers

>> Friday, February 3, 2012

I wish I could say I'm creative enough to just whip these up myself, by my friends at Trader Joe's have these delicious frozen burgers that I love. Lots of curry and spices with big chunks of vegetables. One of those with spinach on a sandwich thin, with an apple and cupcake. Good enough for a Friday!


Minimalist Lunch

>> Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today I cleaned out my lunch cupboard because I forgot to pack something.  I had the last 10 gluten-free crackers in the box and  about 5 dates from a box a friend brought me from Colorado.  It was book club day at lunch in the library and the students were like, "that's your lunch?"  Yes.     

Michelle @ Peaceful Reader


Tuesday, tomato-mozzarella-pesto sandwiches

>> Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I froze a bunch of ice cubes of pesto, um, a year and a half ago. But it still tastes good! Our freezer is extra cold.

We had enough of a long baguette left that I could cut it into sandwiches (the long way, like a sub), and we had both mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes, so I spread the pesto on the bread (adding some olive oil, too), sliced the tomatoes and cheese up, and layered them on top. (Actually, b sliced them up and finished sticking them in the toaster, because in the middle of this L woke up from his nap and the dishwasher fooled me into thinking he'd gone back to sleep... so after 5 minutes of crying he was too clingy to let me finish making the lunch.) We ate the sandwich open faced.

L, once he calmed down enough to go in the high chair, ate some tomatoes and cheese, some leftover rutabaga, and some leftover pork chop, and actually drank some milk.


Turkey sandwich with cranberry-horseradish relish

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

It's hard to get the girls to eat anything but mac and cheese. One old reliable staple is turkey or chicken lunchmeat, so today I busted some out and handed it to their dad, who is home today and every day till a new job shows up. Anyway, I had an hour to do some work, so I slapped some on a sandwich with this really great relish my stepkids gave me for hanukkah, and I disappeared into the office to inhale it. Also iced herbal tea and Zoloft.


Leftovers and Ants

I had two small leftover minute steaks, so we had those (split 4 ways), leftover baked beans, and Ants on a Log. The kids ALL ate the ants on a log (H left the celery), and the meat. LE liked the beans.


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