Saturday, How to Fight the Freezing Cold Weather

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fight eye to eye! - I had a bowl of Jamoca Almond fudge ice cream from Baskin-Robbins for lunch. I microwaved it for 15 seconds to melt.


Abbe, January 30

We ordered pizza and mozzarella sticks and it was a nice lazy lunch.


Saturday Lunch

I love lentil soup and I generally buy every kind I can find in the grocery store since I can never remember which brand it is that I like best. With actual snow on the ground making us feel like we live in the north again, I cracked open a can of it for lunch today. Today's brand was Health Valley and while I know a lot of people need or want lower sodium, I thought this was a little bland and chalk it up to the missing punch of salt (not that I like loads of salt). So a bowl of lentil soup, an avocado, and a cup of Christmas tea (I'm giving up diet Coke again but I needed the caffeine for my headache) made up lunch today.



>> Friday, January 29, 2010

Leftover Pork and cabbage stew (WW recipe) which is quite good, although I always need to spice it up a tad.


Friday, Natalie is Thinking...

I'm still thinking what to eat for lunch. I just burned few calories and eating seems to be at the bottom of my list. I'll probably have soup too...or maybe just a granola bar again. Hmmm....


Friday, January 29, 2010 Christine

I just ate a Frittata sandwich consisting of a wedge of leftover frittata (fancy name for when I cook an omelet for dinner) made with egg, onion, swiss chard and red pepper, on whole wheat bread with a slice of ham and a slice of american cheese.

Accompanied by a glass of orange juice.


1/28 : Abbe

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is one step better than leftovers: 2 nights ago, or maybe last night, I made turkey broth to use some turkey legbones with a bit of meat on them. cut the meat off after cooking and put it in the same container. We also had cooked brown rice, and a leftover chicken drumstick, and the scraps from shredding a lot of turnips in the food processor - so I threw those all into the pot long enough to cook the turnips, went back to handing K a tissue for her awful runny nose every few seconds while I waited.

despite being the sick one, she didn't eat any soup - some days she likes it, but not today.



I ate a lunchables box while waiting at Walgreen's for a prescription to be filled.


Lunch @ Home

It was snowing when I got up this morning so I decided to work from home today. In turn I get to eat homemade chicken adobo with white rice. Then I had three pieces of almond clusters chocolates and later on I was finishing up a pack of M&M. Wasn't that all enough, I headed for a bowl of chocolate ice cream and finished it with a glass of water. So much for diet and exercise huh! That is why it's not safe for me to stay home all day. Not at all!!!


Thursday - Lazy Luncher (Ti)

I took my walk this morning and wiped myself out. It's windy and cold and since my stomach is already yelling for food (and it's only 10am, my time) I walked across campus to get a Subway sandwich for later. I needed something a tad more substantial than my can of soup. So here is what I got:

  • 6-inch on Honey Oat with lettuce, tomato, cheese, some red onion, avocado and some sweet onion dressing.

It's lacking a good source of protein but the bread should sustain me as I have been giving up bread lately.

Is it Friday yet?


Thursday, Clover

Today, for lunch, I had two slices of 'homemade' pizza (store-bought pizza bases to which I added passata and slices of mozzarella cheese and threw it in the oven), a cherry yoghurt and a KitKat Chunky.



>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have been bad the last few days, by mixing up my meals and not eating very well. I have been feeling a lot of stress and skipping lunch because school has been keeping me busy and often too distracted to eat.

Problem is, when I get home, I am shaky and starving.


Trying other bloggers' recipes

I had the last of the Tuscan Bean Soup I made over the weekend. It was not a little bit of soup that was left either but several servings worth. It is just that good! (And my hubby wanted a bowl of it to add to his dinner tonight and was not terribly pleased when I said it was gone. ) Anyway, it was a recipe I got off of Lakeside Musing and the actual recipe can be found here. Seriously good stuff which makes tasty delicious leftovers too. **picture also from Lakeside Musing but mine looked identical to this, just in a different bowl. ;-)


Classic Beef Stew Meal

For $5.95, I got a bowl of a classic beef stew - bite size pieces of top round are slow simmered in a rich brown sauce with carrots, celery and onions, served over egg noodles.


Wednesday - Soup Was Calling Me (Ti)

I hit a Mexican buffet for lunch. The buffet is particularly nice because the Manager makes sure that my food sensitivites are addressed. That means that the soup is not made with an animal base and that it's filled with lots and lots of veggies. Isn't that nice of him? You are probably wondering what is so great about this soup but it IS great. I top it off with cilantro and shredded cabbage and it really fills me up.

The rest of the buffet offers up your common fare...refried beans, rice, carnitas, roasted chicken, etc. I had some beans and carnitas but the rest I skipped. I was too filled up by the soup anyway.


January 27th, Melanie

It is me and my boring lunch again.

Three pieces of turkey lunchment and some water.

I know that yall wish I would eat something better:)


wednesday 1/27

so i am new to this, i have been reading and now my first ever post!

today i had a salad with tomatoes, cheese and green peppers with Italian dressing. Not anything too exciting but still yummy


Wednesday, Lisa

Chicken, spinach, mushroom hot pocket (I did not notice any spinach, and I scraped out the 3 little bits of chicken. I think there was one or two mushrooms.)

Corn chips with cheese melted on them in the microwave.

10 minute nap that turned into 25 minutes.  FYI, when setting the alarm on your cell phone, be sure to pay attention to the AM and PM part. Ooops.


Wednesday, January 27, Christine

Today I made one of my all time favorite salads with my all time favorite salad dressing-- Trader Joe's Champagne Pear Vinaigrette. Delicious!

The salad is made with lettuce and or baby greens, grilled chicken, sliced pear, dried cranberries, pecans and of course the yummy dressing. For a more detailed recipe, visit my regular blog HERE.


Abbe January 27

another bowl of leftover bean and meatball soup - finished it off. This one was mostly beans and vegetables but that's ok. I may have a yogurt drink if I get hungry later.


January 26th, Melanie

I had a bowl of homemade chili with crackers.

It was really good but I normally don't eat that heavy at lunch as yall can all tell.

It was a nice change for me.


Fish vs. Granola

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’m not sure how to describe this but I’m going to try…

While getting out of the cafeteria today my phone vibrated so I took it with my free hand while the other is holding a styrofoam platter of grilled tuna fish and sweet corn on the side. It was a long chat so I decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Right after the last tread of the stairs I tripped with my platter flying straight to the floor. I ended up attacking a Granola bar for lunch!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010, Christine

It's nearly dinner time in my corner of the world right now, but I've only just found time now to post what I had for lunch today.

A dear friend of mine** stopped by this morning to say hello, so of course we caught up over a cup of coffee, but then in the blink of an eye it was lunch time. I thought my regular standby of turkey on whole wheat with tomato soup might be a bit ... I don't know... ordinary(?) to serve a friend, so I broke out the skillet and made us a quick, easy, hot lunch:

Quesadillas with grilled chicken and cheddar cheese
Homemade guacamole
Smoky Peach Salsa (from Trader Joe's)

Iced Tea

**This friend and I have been good friends ever since we met at a La Leche League Meeting (breastfeeding support group for new moms) when our now teenagers were babies! I guess you could say we're bosom buddies in the truest sense! LOL! ha ha ha! :o)


Tuesday, Jan 26 - Errand Day (Gina)

I did my errands in Huntsville today. We ate at Bitty's favorite lunch place -- Sam's Club. It is economical and doesn't require saying "Shhhhh" over and over again.

I ate a hot dog and soda. He ate a HUGE slice of pizza. We both ate for well under $4.


Tuesday - Chipotle Called My Name (Ti)

Seriously... it said "Ti! Ti! You know you want a barbacoa salad!" Since the weather called for more rain, I packed Lentil Soup for lunch and then told myself that if I walked to Chipotle, which is a little ways away, then I would have earned the salad.

I walked.

I ate. I had chips, too.

In case you haven't been introduced to the greatness of Chipotle, the barbacoa is braised, spicy shredded beef. I have it on top of a mound of lettuce with pinto beans, tomatoes, salsa, some cheese, guacamole (there's that green thing again) and a bit of sour cream.

If it weren't for the cheese, sour cream and chips that I scarfed down, it would have been a lot healthier.

I tried to read more of Case Histories but it isn't pulling me in. It's sort of blah. Instead I people-watched.


Tuesday, Chips and Beans, Lisa

The cupboards are bare!

Black beans heated in a pan with a little onion, some partially smashed.
Topped with cheese, sour cream, black olives, and a bit of taco sauce.
Corn chips.


January 26, Abbe

sandwich: packaged turkey breast, wheat bread, mayo, and american cheese, and a tiny bit of coffee I didn't finish this morning. (we make it turkish style and sweeten it then, and it doesn't taste bad to me cold!)


26 Jan, Kara

I'm having a salad with tomatoes, cheese and some left over buffalo chicken strips (baked), and some ranch dressing. I'm also starting to prepare for a 5K run (if you know me, you know I NEED to prepare). Anyway, if you have some good recipes for healthy, balanced (with some extra protein) lunches for one, please share... I'm eventually going to loathe salads. :)


Monday, Jan 25 Party Time

Bitty and I went to a friend's 6th birthday party today for lunch.

He ate....

2 slices of turkey (call it ham if you expect him to eat it though)
string cheese
mandarin oranges
Goldfish crackers
Birthday Cake, of course

I ate two helpings of delicious taco salad. (It is a delightfully easy dish. 1head of lettuce. 1 lb ground meat with taco seasonings. 1 bag of crushed Doritos. 1 bottle of Ranch dressing. When we make it at our house....I do not use all the dressing...but the rest of our playgroup follows the recipe above.) And of course, birthday cake and ice cream.

I did not dare count the points of this meal. However, the meal did not have an effect on the scale this morning, so I am calling yesterday a success.


Tuesday, Clover

Today, I'm having two lamb burgers on white rolls for lunch followed by a large helping of almond and apple crumble!


January 25th, Melanie

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I had to get my hair done at 10 am so I ran through Chick Fil A to get a sweet tea (yes, I do this every time I leave the house) and they let me get a chicken salad sandwich early.

It took me 3 hrs. to eat but it was delish!


Monday: The Green Continues (Ti)

Game On is officially over. Can you hear the happy tone in this post? However, it's not really over because I sort of have to eat healthy all the time. I used to think that it would be easier to make healthier choices if my health required it. Well, now my health does and I can tell you , it's not easier!

That said, here is my lunch:

  • A cup of organic, split pea soup (I seem to like green food).
  • A tiny little apple.
  • 3 whole grain crackers.
  • Lots of water.

It's tasty and healthy and very filling but a salad from Chipotle sounds much better right now. I am eating my lunch at my desk and then plan to take my book, and myself outside.


Monday, "salad", Lisa

This is where you all quit visiting the blog.

I made salad for lunch with:

coleslaw cabbage (no coleslaw dressing)
a bit of mayo and italian dressing
shredded cheese
black olives
green peas

It's... crunchy.

It's what I had, so I threw it together and hoped for the best. It's ok. Might not repeat it tho.


and 1/25, leftover crockpot stew

Beans and meatballs and vegetables in the crockpot were dinner on Saturday, and we had 3 servings leftover for later.


January 25, 2010 Christine

LeanCuisine Spinach Mushroom Deep Dish pizza

Diet pepsi

The pizza was very good. Only 340 calories, 7 g of fat (only 3 g saturated fat) and a whopping 18 g of protein. Sadly, though, it was very quick to eat. It's gone and I'm still a bit hungry. :(

I'll hold off, though, because my girls will be home from school in two hours and I will inevitably have a snack with them then.


1/24 : something old, something new - Abbe

Yesterday I cooked a recipe dauphinois potatoes (the ones you slice thinly and cook in milk) while we had farm-fresh raw milk in the fridge. This took advantage of a trick I learned somewhere along the way - you don't have to cook all the dishes in the meal the same day. We ate leftover sauteed veal cutlets, and newly cooked potatoes, and now we can cook some protein another day and have leftovers of the potato casserole.


1/25 - Early!

It's an early lunch for me today (11:30 Central). I'm riding on the coattails of my soon-to-be mother-in-law (how's that for apostrophes?). I'm having her leftover crab alfredo for lunch along with a fresh orange and a slice of lemon meringue pie. And water. Lots of water!

My tummy is growling, so I'm gonna get back to it...


Sunday, Tina

>> Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying to be I had half a tuna sandwich on nine-grain bread, kiwi lime yogurt, and half an apple. For dessert a 100 calorie nutty bar. I am making the family some chili for supper, but may opt for a salad for myself.


Sunday, Lumpia

My sister in law is Filipino and one of the things she made for us when we went back home was Lumpia.  On Friday I got a wild hair that I wanted to try to make some myself so I googled up a recipe with a lot of favorable reviews and gave it a shot.

Since we live in South Dakota, I had to make do with phyllo dough for the wrappers, and they brown up REALLY fast, but otherwise it was a painless process.  Mike and I and the Bug loved them, the Pirate had chips and carrots.

This is the recipe we used. I think need time I'll try a potato version, but I'll definitely be doing this again!


Sunday, Leftovers

I just ate leftover foods from last night's dinner in Queens - ate in front of Grey’s Anatomy (I'm catching up with my recorded show). I had a tasty and still crispy schnitzel with yellow rice along with a left over kibbeh partially dipped with Tahini. Now I’m sleepy once again…whatta cloudy day we have now and it's past 1PM (EST) here.


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