Saturday, Tina

>> Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today I opted for the easy way out- McDonalds. In my defense, I ordered the Southwest Chicken Salad - my favorite!


Saturday January 16th, Melanie

I had a half of ham sandwich and a coke.

I had a good supper though...Risotto and steak...It was delish!


Saturday, takeout from Wendy's, Lisa

Lunch snuck up on us today so M ran and got Wendy's.

Single with cheese.
Side salad with ranch.
Diet soda.


Saturday, January 16, Christine

I just ate glazed turkey tenderloins with whipped sweet potatoes & dressing for lunch.

Sound impressive?

It isn't. It's LeanCuisine.

The impressive part is that LeanCuisine entrees are on sale this week at my local grocery store for $1.66 each!


Abbe January 15

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

Serendipitously I saw this today & had a bragworthy lunch! (but I'm sure they won't always be this way.) I salvaged a whole bunch of random leftovers from the fridge - half a sausage, some brisket we microwaved from the freezer last night, broccoli that sat out all day in K's lunchbox, a leftover baked squash, a few boiled carrots that made vegetable stock a few days ago, a bit of steamed collard greens... mixed this up into a sauce in a small frying pan while I was cooking pasta, and we had a hot lunch with protein and vegetables in it when we had almost been about to call for pizza.

maybe I will remember this the next time we have detritus from half a dozen of K's meals in 2 bite servings in the fridge and nothing in large enough servings for the adults.


Lunch at School on Friday, Tina

I never eat the hot lunch at school, so I bring whatever random item I can find at home that doesn't seem horribly unhealthy. Right now I am on a low carb/no carb kick just because it does make me feel better if I eat that way. So, today I had brought along a salad - lettuce, peppers, onion and some shredded cheese that I added my favorite- a Morningstar black bean burger that I chop up. Of course I add dressing, too.


Friday January 15th Honeybaked Ham

I have to say that I probably have the saddest lunch of all of us. That would be a couple of slices of Honeybaked Ham that was left over and frozen from Christmas.

Told ya it was sad BUT I am having baked french toast & bacon for supper. Now that will be good:)



Friday Lunch - January 15, 2010 (Vietnamese Feast!) Ti

House Special Soup (Vegan)
Vinh Loi Tofu Restaurant

Today I had a really yummy lunch! I am on the Game On diet and have all sorts of health issues that prevent me from eating so many foods right now, but I found this wonderful restaurant that is 100% vegan and it's wonderful. I had this huge bowl of soup and it's filled with tons of fresh veggies and "seafood." It's hot, it's spicy, it's just what the doctor ordered. YUM!


Sad Pantry Day

I took the day off from work today to get some chores done. Our pantry is sadly bare but I ate:

1 wheat bread roll w/ peanut butter and honey

Yeah. Pretty sad. It was either that or rice and butter from take out last night. Oh. And a cup of coffee because I needed the pep.

Thanks Lisa for the invite!


Friday Lunch - Janssen

Leftover grilled chicken over rice with coconut milk/lime/jalapeno sauce (yummmmm)
Wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese
An apple (so far uneaten)


Friday, January 15th Christine

Roasted turkey, sharp cheddar panini on Tuscan bread

.... that I burned!!! Ugh. And it was already 1:10 pm and I was so hungry, too. I did the old scrape-over-the-kitchen-sink-with-a-knife thing and it helped, but still.... Oh well. At least the cheese was melted, right? ;)

Tomato soup
Baked salt and pepper chips
Diet Nestea Ice Tea


Friday, January 15th, Lisa.

A tiny baked potato with butter, cheese, and Bacos.
A ham and cheese sandwich on toast.
Baby carrots with ranch.
Diet Dr. Pepper.


The Rules

Post about what you had for lunch on a daily/weekly/random basis.  You can do a list, you can post a picture, you can include a recipe. You can post the good and the bad, but it should be what you actually ate (though if you post what you really ate, and then what you WANTED to eat, that's ok too.) 

The only rule is: no being snobby if other people have Little Debbies and Dr. Pepper for lunch!

Please include your name in the post label, thanks.


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