January 23, 2010 Christine

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

Did you know today is National Pie Day?

I made a chicken curry pot pie yesterday for dinner and had some leftovers for lunch today. It was a tad bit drier today than it was last night, but it was hot, sweet, savory and really hit the spot.

If you're interested in the recipe, it's on my blog:


Saturday: A Mexican Feast (Ti)

Today was my day off from the Game On Diet so I went a little crazy. We hit a local Mexican market but this market has a hot food counter so we ordered a bunch of different things. I ended up with a Shrimp Ceviche tostada and some soup. Ceviche is yummy. The shrimp is marinated in lime juice and jalapenos and a little onion. It's more of a summer food since it's cold but the sun came today so I figured, why not?

Also, I don't know why I call everything a 'feast' but I guess since I am so deprived of food that anything more than an apple and a wedge of tofu is considered a feast.


January 23rd, Melanie

I am the boring lunch girl eating my usual 3 pieces of turkey lunchmeat and nothing else.


Saturday, Applebees, Tina

Today I had lunch out with the librarians I work with at the public library. Since it is a small public library we work by ourselves and never really see each other much. This was a nice time for us to catch up. I am attempting to be a bit healthier in my food choices (really, I do fairly well at meals, it my snacking that is out of control), so for our meal at Applebees I ordered the Tilapia with rice pilaf and broccoli. I am still full and it is supper time, and I haven't even had a snack!


Saturday, pizza buffet, Lisa

Today we took the boys out for pizza buffet at a new restaurant. $8.50 for adults and $.50 a year for kids! The Bug ate for $.50!

I had two giant slices of pizza and a salad with everything good- egg, peas, cheese, bacon, blue cheese, little corn, chick peas, mmmmm.

It's called Beau Jo's, if you have one near you I recommend it!


Weekend lunches

I don't know why but somehow weekend lunches are harder for me than weekday lunches. This makes no sense as I'm a stay at home mom so have access to all the food equally everyday. But for some reason I graze my way through the pantry on weekends. Today I started with a can of lentil soup (it's cold outside and soup just seemed right). Then I pulled out a wedge of Wensleydale cheese with cranberries and ate the whole thing. Because I wasn't finished, I moved onto Quaker sour cream and onion mini rice cakes and finished up with Mexican blend cheese melted over plain rice cakes. ::sigh:: Not a fruit or vegetable in sight. I figure the sodium in the soup cancels out the health benefits of the lentils. Don't know why I feel compelled to do this on weekends, but there you have it. Maybe I should make Sunday lunch a cmpletely fruit and veg affair to try and counterbalance my poor choices today!


Friday and Saturday, Clover

Friday I felt so low that I couldn't bring myself to eat anything more than a bag of ready-salted crisps and a large gingerbread cookie with icing.

Today, we had a birthday party in the afternoon and I thought eating lunch early would be best for everyone. I made penne pasta and mixed in a tomato and onion sauce, tuna and some frozen sweetcorn. But I wasn't hungry and only had a few bites!


Abbe, January 23

Yes, I have actually eaten lunch in the intervening week. But I signed up for this and promptly forgot it existed. Now it's on my blog reading list so I hope I'll notice it every day.

Today's lunch with the whole family at home : sandwiches and clementines.

We had a little bit of leftover roast beef that I thought we'd already used up for sandwiches. I decided it was still edible (barely - just over a week old). Two sandwiches - one with microwaved roast beef, blue cheese, a little horseradish, and mayo, the other with salami and american cheese and a few tiny bits of roast beef because there was a teeny bit more than would fit on one sandwich. I couldn't decide who got which so each adult got half of one and half of the other. K got a peanut butter sandwich - she still won't eat meat or cheese sandwiches.


The Best Kind of Lunch

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

I had the very best kind of lunch today: one that someone else made and another someone else paid for. ;-) A friend and I went for a walk and once back at her house decided to go to the ever tasty Just Fresh for lunch. Instead of driving the two seconds down the street to get my purse, K. said she'd treat me to lunch. Yippee! I got the Dijon Dill Chicken Salad sandwich with a fruit cup and my drug of choice: diet Coke. The sandwich was lovely as it wasn't overwhelmed with mayo like so many restaurant chicken salad sandwiches are and it came with lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat bread. Yum. The fruit was because I was trying to be good. Tasty food and lovely company. Best lunch all week.


How not to miss lunch?

I made sure to bring something from home to work today. I got the Hot pockets sitting in my fridge - just waiting for me to grab it. I was surprised because it was delicious (though I burned my tongue a bit after the first bite!).

So I got the Chicken & Cheddar with Broccoli in a seasoned herb crust. I couldn't remember how much I paid for it but believe me when I say it's delicious for such little simple looking pocket.


Friday, Tuna, Gina

I had a tuna salad sandwich on an english muffin with lettuce and a sugar free pudding cup. I ate a couple of bites of leftover cornbread casserole.

Total points: 4 pts. (plus the points for the cornbread casserole.)


Friday, Lisa

I was super rushed at lunch today so I had:

A deli bread roll
about 6 bagel chips with hummus

then I packed the rest for snacking on:

Apple slices
laughing cow
carrots and ranch

Seems an awful lot like Wednesday, no?



Leftover ziti in a meat sauce- rather than my normal vegetarian one that I make.


Friday, January 22, Christine

Here we go again....

turkey, ham, provolone on whole wheat with mayo
baked rosemary and garlic chips
tomato soup

scoop of vanilla ice cream with a spoonful of peanut butter

Hey, it's Friday! ;p


Friday, 22 Jan, Kara

So after yesterday's massive carb (not to mention fat) overload, today I am having a HUGE salad with baby spinach, feta, yummy campari tomatoes, cucumbers and best of all Braswell's Creamy Vidalia Dressing (to satisfy the carb and fat nut in me). YAY!


Friday, Creature of Habit, Tina

I will probably be the most boring lunch eater because once I get on a kick, I just keep eating the same thing- at least during the work week. So, today, it is once again the frozen Vegetable Medley, black bean burger (no bun), and for later a 100 calorie Nutty Bar and fat free kiwi lime yogurt. Tomorrow I get to go to Applebees, which might be much more exciting.



>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lunch today? NOTHING...as in nichts or niente or nada or wala...Had a busy day @ work. Now i'm dealing with a tummy ache.


Thursday, Chick Fil A Playdate, Gina

My preschool son and I have a playdate with several families every week. Most weeks we go to Chick Fil A, because of the playground is indoors and the food is better than McDonald's.

Today I had my usual.

8pk of ChickFilA nuggets
small chicken soup
Diet Dr Pepper

....I might have swiped two or three of Bitty's waffle fries.

....and then I talked myself into a Kiddie Cup of ice cream.

I am on Weight Watchers and the point total was about 12 pts. (It was worth every point though.)


1/21 - I wish I could say it's homemade...

But it's not.

Make your own pasta bowl from cafe next door...

  • Bowtie pasta
  • Grilled chicken
  • Alfredo sauce with a touch of marinara
  • Broccoli
  • Yellow squash and zucchini
  • Spinach
Also had a very large sugar cookie and some cranberry juice.

My doc said I need to gain some more pregnancy weight, so I take that as a serious challenge. I think I'm off to a heck of a start.


Jan 21 - Amanda

Lunch today:

Mixed greens
1/2 egg
some peas and snow peas
slice of ham
some creamy dressing (not sure what it is)

Some grapes on the side


Thursday, January 21, Christine

Roast beef

(the real kind... from left over homemade roast beef that I made the other night)
... on tuscan bread with provolone and mayo

A cup of tomato soup.

And you thought I was going to have turkey again, didn't you? ;p


Thursday, It's The Shiba's Fault, Lisa

I had Taco Bell Nachos. I blame the shiba's chips and salsa.



Chips and Salsa.


21 Jan, MammawVi's Tater Soup, Kara

OK, so I guess I've lurked long enough. Today I'm having MammawVi's Potato Soup, a la Kara...

This is leftover from last night, but here is the basic recipe:

1pkg frozen Hash Browns (I use Ore Ida... some people call these southern style or home style... they are not shoestring but more like chopped potatoes)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 sm box (about 30 oz) of chicken broth
1 pt sour cream
seasonings (see below)

reserve sour cream. put all other ingredients in crock pot and cook on low, stirring occasionally for 6-8 hrs (we tried 5hrs once and the taters were still a little crunchy but more than 8 and you've basically got a puree). add sour cream, cook 20 min. serve with shredded cheese, bacon bits, chives or anything else you like on potatoes.

seasonings (this is the a la Kara part)
I'm not big on measurements... so these should be to taste for your family...
1 small onion finely chopped (I add about 2 Tbsp of minced onion flakes instead because I am super lazy)
2 big dashes (heh) of minced garlic flakes
2-3 tsp of black pepper
3 tsp of salt (I use kosher salt... I'm not just lazy... I'm weird too)

some recipes call for cream cheese instead of sour cream... then sour cream on top... I think this would be good, but then you have to work to blend in the cream cheese at the end... so I skip that.

Hope you enjoy, I know I am!


January 21, Melanie

Another boring lunch.

1/2 of turkey sandwich and some sweet tea.

I am a little under the weather so I am not hungry.


January 20th, Melanie

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am the least exciting person when it comes to lunch. I had 3 slices of turkey lunch meat and a sweet tea.

Baked cookies last week and gained 2 lbs. Not much eating going on this week.


Wednesday - A Green Nightmare!! (Ti)

Today, I am enjoying an Indian dish called Panak Paneer. I am having it over brown rice. It looks like a baby threw up in my bowl but trust me, it's very tasty and healthy for you as its base is spinach. It does have a rather strong flavor so I am having it with a tall, tall glass of unsweetened tea to cut the taste a bit.

It's not at all what I was in the mood for but with the biblical rain storm that Southern California is experiencing, I decided to stay in. For fun, look at our doppler:

No. What I wanted was a huge bowl of soup and a basket full of bread but nope, not gonna happen.


Wednesday, January 20, Christine

Same old, same old.

Turkey and provolone on whole wheat bread
A handful of black pepper baked potato crisps
A cup of tomato soup


Wednesday, January 20, eyes bigger than stomach

Everything looked good!

Leftover pork loin.
carrots and ranch
Pickle slices
bagel chips and spicy hummus (best part)
laughing cow wedge (saved for later)


Wednesday 1/20/10

Veal Parmesean



I had a buffalo hot dog with onions and ketchup. In fact, I think that is what I ate all day.


Wednesday, Clover

The weather reports are threatening snow for this afternoon, so I decided on a nice pasta for lunch today. Something to keep me warm. I went with penne pasta, mixed with an olive and tomato sauce, sweetcorn and mince. It's pretty good. Though it's hard to go wrong with pasta..


Tuesday: Still Doing The Healthy Thing (Ti)

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am in Southern California and let me tell you...we are experiencing some WEIRD weather! We are in a tornado warning right now, if you can believe it. With the rain pouring down and the extreme weather warnings, I pulled out the following leftovers for lunch:

  • 3 ounces of pan-seared Salmon
  • A cup or so...maybe a cup and a half of Quinoa sauteed in olive oil, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Stewed green beans with feta cheese and garlic
  • 1 glass of unsweetened tea

With all the garlic I was hoping my co-workers would stay away but I wasn't so lucky!


Monday, Tina

I'm back to my normal lunchtime routine at school. I had some frozen mixed vegetables (sugar snap peas, potatoes, red peppers with seasoning) and a black bean burger. Of course I added in a bite size Heath (or maybe 3 bite sized Heaths) to cap it off. Tonight I am looking forward to French dip sandwiches...I turned the crock pot on before I left.


Tuesday, Lisa

I had to run to the store on my lunch break so I picked up a sandwich from the deli.

They call it a Tuscan Chicken Sandwich and it has grilled chicken, crusty bread, slabs of marinated mozzarella, marinated artichoke, tomato, red onion and some oily vinegary sauce. Mmmmm.

And a wedge of laughing cow cheese, because of Janssen.


Tuesday, Clover - leftovers!

Today, the boys and I had leftovers from last night's dinner: leek and bacon pie. I loved it last night and was quite looking forward to it today. Only managed half a bowl with a lemon lucozade. Still, a 'proper' lunch. That's progress!


Monday, Holiday lunch, Lisa

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

My sister-in-law and I were both off work today so we met for lunch at TGI Fridays. I had the BBQ chicken wrap with sweet potato fries. I ate every single bite.


Monday's Lunch Plan: Ti

I'm still Game On'ing it which has been a challenge with all of my food sensitivities but here is what I plan to eat at lunch today:

A smallish bowl of navy bean soup
A few multi-grain crackers
A handful of sauteed spinach or perhaps a spinach salad (not sure which yet)
A tall glass of iced, herbal tea (no sweetener)

I have to say that I always feel so much better when I watch what I eat, but I sometimes resent having to keep track of everything little thing that goes into my mouth. Sometimes I just want to chuck the wise choice and go with a Big Mac ;)


Monday lunch, Clover

Despite feeding the boys a lovely smoked haddock kedgeree for THEIR lunch, for myself, I only managed a small slice of chocolate cake, a pink lady apple, a banana, a raspberry yoghurt and a mini-bag of chocolate buttons. Tomorrow, I must have a better lunch than this.


Sunday Lunch - Maybe the worst lunch so far!

>> Sunday, January 17, 2010

After playing out in the snow with my girls, we came in for me to make them grilled cheese sandwiches with chicken noodle soup (Campbell's Sponge Bob variety) and fresh strawberries. My lunch was extremely pathetic. I ate the leftover hamballs and some honey roasted nuts. Impressive, huh?


January 17th, Melanie

My hubby brought me some hot boneless chicken wings.

I had those and some sweet tea.

I also had a few chocolate chip cookies.

Todays lunch was much better than the last few days:)


Sunday lunch, Clover

Ha! The family went to McDonalds today and I ordered what I always order. A large Big Mac meal with a Coke. It was quite nice, really.


Need-to-shop Sunday, Lisa

Carrots and Ranch
cheese and crackers
the last few slices of ham lunchmeat
diet dr pepper


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