Leftovers and Costco

>> Monday, May 20, 2013

Yesterday's unloved grilled-cheese sandwich (made for the girls), onto which I plopped a dollop of ketchup as if the sandwich itself were the plate. Quinoa tabouli from Costco, straight from the package. Holy god it's good. We just moved and we don't have all our dishes here yet. Also, I'm that lazy.


Lunch, Tuesday January 29

>> Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm trying to get into the habit of writing up realistic meals, not just the ones where everything was shining and organic and served up with an apron round my waist. (Ok, that last bit  - uh, never.)

So today, we came home from a morning of preschooler adventures such as story time at  the library, and shoveling the half-inch of soggy snow that we didn't get to before school dropoff this morning, and came inside to have:

me: a turkey and cheese sandwich with some lettuce  and mayonnaise, on some bread machine bread.

young L: a little bit of turkey and cheese sandwich (i made him a mini-half sandwich with a small piece of bread from the end of the loaf), some more bites out of a spinach and feta croissant that I saved for him after he only ate about half yesterday, and before I brought lunch to the table, some more of a bagel that he was eating for breakfast.


Brunch today

>> Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking at my back page I noticed nobody's been talking about what's for lunch.  We had a late brunch this morning that included biscuits and gravy, Beeler's mini-sausages, scrambled eggs, grits, and these frozen hash brown squares that my son fell in love with over the holiday season.  With that much on the table you'd think we had invited an army to feast with us!  It was just the four of us plus Groovy Girl had a friend over and she was a pretty light eater.  We won't need anything to eat now until dinner.


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