Working At The Preschool Lunch

>> Friday, February 24, 2012

Lunch today was just sad. I was working my co-op shift, with both kids (the 3 year old who attends the co-op and the 18 month old who rides along). My older daughter pulled her pink lunchbox from her cubby and we pulled out everything I had put in there: 2 sun-butter-and-honey sandwiches, 2 lemon yogurts, 1 Odwalla snack bar that I thought would be sufficiently gross that neither kid would want it, and some crackers, which for some reason are like cigarettes in jail for these kids. I ate bites of everything in between referee-ing their manic lunch eating, which involved dancing, growling like baby lions, and flinging yogurt hither and yon. And they BOTH wanted the gross snack bar. By the end of it I actually had yogurt in my hair. And somehow managed to NOT make the salty jokes on that subject that I was tempted to make. Appropriate for once!!!!


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