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>> Sunday, September 9, 2012

After a recent discussion of this blog and lunch and our kids, one of the other contributors and I have decided that we need to shake things up a bit here on the Lunch blog. We both love to read about other people's food and miss the participation here.  We did a little brainstorming and came up with some ideas for posts that we'd love to see.

  • What you ate for lunch today!
  • Your weekly menu plan, if you have one. (Mine is posting tomorrow to get us going.)
  • Cookbook reviews
  • How you organize your recipes so that you don't forget that really awesome stew you made last winter.
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Inventive ways to get picky eaters to eat
  • "What do I do with" ingredient X. For example, I have a cup of leftover coconut milk, what should I make? (don't answer that here.)
  • Anything else food related.
As a parent, I'm particularly interested in how you get kids to eat new things, but if you post about your little angel who eats mushroom foam and sushi and begs for  lentils instead of mac and cheese, I might ban you. (Ok, kidding, but don't be a show off.)

What do you think?


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