Abbe January 15

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

Serendipitously I saw this today & had a bragworthy lunch! (but I'm sure they won't always be this way.) I salvaged a whole bunch of random leftovers from the fridge - half a sausage, some brisket we microwaved from the freezer last night, broccoli that sat out all day in K's lunchbox, a leftover baked squash, a few boiled carrots that made vegetable stock a few days ago, a bit of steamed collard greens... mixed this up into a sauce in a small frying pan while I was cooking pasta, and we had a hot lunch with protein and vegetables in it when we had almost been about to call for pizza.

maybe I will remember this the next time we have detritus from half a dozen of K's meals in 2 bite servings in the fridge and nothing in large enough servings for the adults.


Christine January 16, 2010 at 6:48 AM  

I'm often pleasantly surprised about how well meals like this turn out. Of course, I can never replicate them because I'll never have the same assortment of leftovers again!

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