Thursday - Tempeh Surprise! (Ti)

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today, I had leftovers from dinner so in order to give you the entire story, I have to talk about dinner first.

I had this block of Tempeh in my fridge and since I had never cooked with Tempeh, I had no idea what to do with it. I saw it at Whole Foods and all my vegan cookbooks raved about it but I was so distracted when I bought it, that I didn't really buy any of the ingredients to do anything with it. Duh.

So last night I did the following:

  • Sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil
  • Broke up tempeh block and browned it a bit
  • Tossed in stewed tomatoes, and included just a bit of the juice
  • Ripped up kale (leafy green veg) and tossed that in
  • Added some of my Pampered Chef Sundried Tomato seasoning
  • Tossed in cooked, whole wheat pasta
  • Tossed it around and then served it up

You could add parmesan but I've given up dairy too, so that was out. It was wonderful though! The tempeh sort of reminded me of pine nuts which I cannot eat either but love.

I had leftovers for lunch but even with all the vegan-ness of this dish, I am still reacting to it a bit. Not sure what is setting me off this time. Perhaps, the tempeh was processed where nuts are processed?

Anyway, it was good and even better the 2nd time around.


Natalie February 11, 2010 at 2:45 PM  

Hmmm, I've never had a tempeh for a main dish but it sounds delicious when sauteed with onions and garlic. Always love the smell of it. The farthest I've been with soyfoods is ice cream made with soybeans which made it non-dairy after laveshing a red meat.

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